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This Comparison Guide looks at the alternatives available to retailers for the management of cash processes. From fully automated closed cash management to manual cash handling, this guide gives you the pros and cons of each system.

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By securing cash you create a safer environment for both staff and customers

Cost Savings

Automating your cash process saves staff time and administration

Loss Prevention

Cash discrepancies are eliminated

Better Experience

Staff time better spent focused on customers and generating sales

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“Having looked at all of the available cash systems in the marketplace, we decided on SafePay as it was the only one that would enable us to fully close our cash processes in-store in a cost effective way. Since installation, SafePay has helped us increase the security and efficiency of our stores by simplifying our cash handling processes and greatly improving the operating efficiency of our business.”

Paul FitzGerald, CEO of The Pelco Group

“We installed SafePay early this year and we were the first Retail Solutions site, I have to say PCS were very hands-on and we got the support we needed when the system was being installed. It has cut the time spent on cash handling and cut out any cash differences we had when balancing the tills, it has made our site very safe. We are happy to recommend SafePay to any shop and the customer service is 100%”
Kevin McNamee from Londis Darragh, Ennis, Co.Clare

“Since we installed SafePay, we have seen a dramatic reduction in the time spent on cash handling by our cashiers and at the back office with our managers when it comes reconciling and preparing lodgements. By eliminating these administrative tasks, it has enabled my management team more time on our sales floor focusing our customer whilst driving sales and margin. The system has eliminated shortages in cash from cashiers and it has also led to a safer environment for both staff and customers.
In short this system has reduced cash shrink all most entirely while allowing us to build profitable sales, I would highly recommend other retailers to consider SafePay.”

Mark Leavy – Head of Musgrave company owned stores / Owner Operator Leavy Centra group / Managing Director ME retail consultants

We’ve found the cost of the cash management process has reduced significantly and outweighs the cost of the units entirely…. any retail company would be mad not to look at these.” Circle K, Retail Excellence Manager

“Initially I purchased SafePay for security reasons, however, the additional benefits were seen in store immediately. There was no need to change tills, the cash is processed swiftly without discrepancies, saves us time daily and our coin and note orders have reduced significantly too. Since installation, I haven’t looked back.” 
Sandra Smyth, Spar Chapelizod

“Installing the PCS system along with its integration with Retail Solutions our EPOS provider has given my Management & I huge peace of mind in relation to Cash Handling and Reconciliations. It is now a closed loop. The system works seamlessly. I highly recommend it. The integration process is perfect. It has saved a massive amount of management time in doing cash recs each day. Very professional back up service from both PCS & Retail Solutions. A perfect partnership.”
Graham Mahony from Costcutter in Mooncoin, Co. Kilkenny

It’s exceeded our expectations ….saved us time and money…it’s all about efficiency and staff spending more time with customers.” General Manager, Pembroke Hotel, Kilkenny
“The installation of the SafePay system took my business from the brink of going under and has facilitated it’s return to a profit-making operation, where staff feel secure and confident in their employment. Having suffered 13 over the counter robberies in 18 months, urgent action was required. Through PCS the answer was delivered. The SafePay system combines super intelligent algorithms and cutting-edge technology to give a secure payment solution to retail operations. It is backed by a very supportive and easy to deal with the technical support team. There’s also the added bonus that it eradicates any cash discrepancies with wrong change and is self-reconciling! This is definitely the way forward for retail in Ireland and I would encourage retailers to speak to PCS about their SafePay offering.” 

Declan Brady, Maxol Santry

Cash handling solutions for your business


Closed-end to end cash


Improve cash flow with same-day credit to your bank account

Cash Recycling

Back office solution to automate your cash office

Cash Deposit

Secure solution to deposit your cash quickly

Note & coin counters and counterfeit detectors

Quick and accurate counterfeit note detectors


Fully certified safes for audit, fire and burglary protection

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