Cash Deposit

What are Smart Safes for Cash Deposit?

Smart safes do more than just collect and store money – they automatically verify, count and deposit your cash safely. Coupled with cash management software, you can connect these deposit systems with your bank or your CIT partner for real-time monitoring of cash levels and the optimisation of collection routines. Smart safes also provide a full audit trail for greater transparency over cash transactions which helps you reduce shrinkage.

The Benefits of Smart Safes for Cash Deposit

Tackle challenges like shrinkage, security, reconciliation and reporting with automated cash deposit solutions for more efficient cash handling.


Save Time

Staff can spend up to 55% less time processing cash with automatic counting, verification and reconciliation.


Improve Security

Cash is kept sealed away in a secure smart safe so that it is always protected.

Track Cash

Monitor cash levels and optimise CIT collection schedules using cash management software

Smart Safes to fit all needs

The Compact Range is ideal for small to mid-size retailers. The range has a capacity between 1,200 and 4,000 notes and the deposit speed is between 20 and 40 banknotes/minute.

The High Speed Range is ideal for larger businesses with a high daily cash volume. The range has a capacity between 2,500 and 10,000 notes and with state-of-the-art readers a deposit speed between 120 and 300 banknotes/minute.

Standard features for the full range:
– Option of coin deposit
– Multi-currency deposit
– Software Platform with remote management, user management, software updates etc.
– Real-time registration of each transaction
– Intuitive color touch screen interface
– Remote note reader update and remote data import & export

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