Electronic shelf labels (ESL)

Electronic shelf labels (ESLs) are an innovative and growing alternative for supermarkets and retail outlets, that have taken the Irish market by storm. 

ESLs are digital price labels that display product information and prices which can be altered easily to reflect price changes. These ESLs are innovative devices that replace the traditional paper and print labels and remove the risk of pricing errors, product misinformation and allow for trust to be built up by customers. 

In the past, businesses in the retail and grocery sectors spent hours to update price labels which would sometimes be done for over 100 products. This would lead to heavy printing costs incurred constantly for small paper labels which could very easily lost or damaged. 

Furthermore, if prices aren’t updated on the system there will be confusion between the customer and the till employee. ESLs have enabled business owners to eliminate these issues. Some of the other capabilities of ESLs from SOLUM include long lasting battery life, updates to prices and information are made in a matter of seconds, durability through with its screen protection from potential hazards and customisation to allow for branding and designs.

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