Cash Recycling

What is Cash Recycling?

A cash recycler automates the process of receiving and dispensing cash. It stores money securely at the point of use and keeps an accurate account of cash levels. Notes are fed in and the cash recycler checks authenticity, inspects fitness levels, identifies the denomination and registers the amount. The banknotes are sorted into separate cassettes ready to be used later. So — true to its name — the machine recycles cash by dispensing the same notes it receives. And cash recycling improves efficiency and cash flow. It prevents cash from sitting still – where it has no value – and puts it into your bank account, which in effect is like generating profit.

The Benefits of Cash Recycling

If cash doesn’t move, it loses value. Retail cash recycling solutions keep your cash flowing and circulating efficiently so that you make the most out of your money.


Optimise Cash Flow

Automated processes reduce cash handling costs and transfer earnings to your bank much faster.


Save Time

Cash recycling can reduce the time spent on daily cash handling routines by almost 80%.

Track Cash

Smart cash management software provides real-time data, remote monitoring and full cash cycle transparency.

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