Cash Recycling

Full cash recycling solution

The Retail Station is a full cash recycling solution that combines depositing and dispensing capabilities in one convenient solution. You can quickly and securely fill, replenish and reconcile tills resulting in less administration. Ideal for hotels, bars, supermarkets, cinemas, big retail outlets and more.

Immediate benefits include:

Increased security and reduced risk of robbery, as notes are kept in a certified safe.

Real-time cash monitoring via CashControl software, allowing remote monitoring and tracking of the cash levels

Full accountability for all cash going in and out through web-based online reporting and monitoring tools

Time savings via simplified till opening and balancing

Cost savings through improved collection planning

Simple and easy-to-use system with no need to train operators and supervisors in new procedures or systems

No manual paperwork required

Technical Specifications


  • Sorting Speed – 800-900 coins per minute
  • Sorting Capacity – up to 8 denominations


  • Sorting Speed – up to 8 notes per second
  • Note Bundle – up to 200 notes per deposit (multiple deposits possible)

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