Trusted the world over, Chubbsafes is the oldest brand for safes, vaults and vault doors in the world. Chubbsafes solutions are well known and appreciated for their unique combination of robustness, reliability and modern designs. Having provided high-quality protection solutions for almost two centuries, Chubbsafes combines experience with innovation to create trustworthy products for maximum protection against burglary, fire and explosives. The Chubbsafes solutions are rigorously tested by international and independent accreditation bodies to guarantee the best protection available.


Picking a new safe for the home or business can be a struggle, especially when you don’t know where to start.
To find out which product is most suitable for your security requirements you need to answer the following questions:


1. What do you want to protect?

Cash, Valuables, Documents or Data media

2. What is the volume or size that you want to protect?

Having done this you can either choose from BRE (Burglary Resistant Equipment) or FRE (Fire Resistant Equipment) products. The BRE range includes safes, cabinets and vaults designed to protect cash and valuables. Available in differing sizes and specifications our safes offer optimum protection for up to €200,000 or €1,000,000 in valuables. The FRE range includes files and cabinets designed to protect against fire. You can either protect data media or documents and in some cases a mixture of both. These products are rated according to their level of fire protection.

3. What cash rating do you require?

Cash Rating is “The amount an insurance company will cover in a safe/cabinet overnight.“ The actual amount of cover can vary between insurance companies and locations and may be different to the manufacturer’s recommended rating. If this is important to you, you should check what cover your insurance company will offer. As a general rule, this rating is multiplied by a factor of 5 for jewellery. Hence, a Duoguard Grade I with a cash rating of €12,500 will store jewellery in domestic circumstances worth up to €62,500.

4. What level of fire protection do you require?

Measured through tests carried out by Independent testing authorities. “The longer the period in minutes, the greater the fire resistance offered. The critical temperature before paper documents combust is 177°C. Whereas, data media is damaged at temperatures over 52°C or humidity over 85%.” Care should be taken to ensure that the test certificate held by the equipment is applicable to modern media i.e a DIS label.

5. What locking options do you require?

Chubbsafes can customise your safe or cabinet with a different lock. The comprehensive lock range includes the latest industry locks which offer a wide range of features. So whether it be the “mechanical combination” lock or a more hi-tech electronic solution, Chubbsafes are sure to have a lock which will meet your security needs.

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