Automate your cash office to drive a new breed of cash efficiencies across hospitality operations

If you ever wandered into the back office of hotels such as Pembroke Hotel Kilkenny or the stunning Adare Manor, you’ll see an automated self-service cash office that is driving a new breed of cash efficiencies across hospitality operations. In the hospitality industry, cash is accepted at every point of transaction: the front desk, the bar, the restaurant and the spa, therefore, it is vital to have a cash process in place in order to streamline operations and to make the system as seamless, secure and efficient as possible.
Convenient, anonymous and easily transferable are just some of the reasons why cash still reigns as the most common payment method worldwide. Whilst cash trends are consistently changing, volumes of cash in circulation continues to rise with ECB statistics (2017) showing that the share of cash transactions at the point of sale in Ireland is at 79% and 49% in value terms. As a result, hospitality operators are increasingly looking for new ways to innovate around cash handling and achieve cost and time savings. Whilst, at the same time, freeing up staff from administrative tasks so they can concentrate on delivering the hotel’s overall customer experience offering.
Premium Cash Solutions (PCS), supply, install, maintain and advise on a wide range of cash handling solutions to the hospitality, retail, leisure, forecourt and convenience store sectors. PCS is the exclusive agent for Gunnebo secure cash management products and is the driving force in Ireland behind the rollout of the SafeCash product, a full self-service cash recycling solution that combines depositing and dispensing capabilities in one convenient secure solution. SafeCash allows staff to quickly and securely fill, replenish and reconcile tills resulting in less administration.
Ideal for hotels, venues, supermarkets, cinemas, big retail outlets and more.
Alan Condron, Director, Premium Cash Solutions talks about the benefits that the self-service solution brings to the
hospitality industry and the need to eliminate unnecessary administrative tasks in your cash process:
“You likely already know how much time is wasted at the end of each shift and at the end of the night counting and recounting the day’s cash takings. It’s one of the most time-consuming administrative tasks in your cash process. What’s more, manually counting each note and coin can lead to innocent calculation errors. Our SafeCash solution is a secure and complete self-service cash management solution in one terminal for both notes and coins. Staff can
deposit and withdraw notes and coins and get change at their convenience, simplifying the cash-management
cycle for cash-in and cash-out transactions and maximise cash flow. It also provides a quick and easy reconciliation of cash takings to individual tills. Specifically designed to address and eliminate the many concerns associated with
managing large volumes of cash, some of which are lost time due to reconciliation tasks, shrinkage, and high costs
and are often at the expense of customer service with staff away from the floor for long periods of time counting
and depositing cash. Our cash recycling solutions are proven to help businesses reduce the time spent on daily cash
management by almost 80% and we are proud of our success stories to-date with clients like Pembroke Hotel,
Adare Manor, McDonalds and Omniplex Cinemas, who are all benefiting immensely from the introduction of the
SafeCash solution.”
Here, Paul Broderick, General Manager of Pembroke Hotel, Kilkenny talks about how Retail Station adds real value
to the hotel’s operations